D.O.G. – She's Magique / Controlla

D.O.G. – She's Magique
D.O.G. – UNO
D.O.G. – She's Magique (Ali X x Ximena x Pvlomo Remix)
D.O.G. – She's Magique (HEFE Remix)
D.O.G. – She's Magique (HEFE Dub)

Patrice Meiner, Get Serious – Boys & Girls Ade Sampler 2019 / Boys & Girls Records

Patrice Meiner, Get Serious – New Life
Kleiber – Silver Linings
Mikalogic – New Brand Feeling
While True – Wierdness
ICS – Recall
GruuvElement's – All About You
Tolis Q – Transaction
Thomas Langner – Form
Tony Side – Feeling Line
Fly o Tech – You Died

Nick Warren, Aarp – Balance Presents The Soundgarden / Balance Music

Nick Warren – Balance presents The Soundgarden (Continuous Mix 1)
Nick Warren – Balance presents The Soundgarden (Continuous Mix 2)
Aarp – Gemma III
RIGOONI – Dreamed Numbers
Bigasti, Balad – With You
Arovane, Synkro – Aspen
Scippo – Rumy
Kamilo Sanclemente – Urania (Balance Mix)
Nick Warren, Nicolas Rada – Balance
Darper – Crystal Voyager
K Loveski, Ewan Rill – Omega Torra
Emi Galvan – Embrace
Ben Archbold – SF (Intro Mix)
Baunder – 38 & 46
Nico Szabo – Soledad (Day Mix)
Yoni Yarchi, Daniel van der Zwaag – From Tel Aviv to Amsterdam
Yoni Yarchi, Daniel van der Zwaag – Into the Wild (Balance Version)
Six – Berlin
Scippo – Harry
Black 8 – Black Tiger
Dmitry Molosh – Note
Lerr – Moments
Armen Miran – Last Chance
Nick Warren, Black 8 – Dreamcatcher
Nichols (UK) – Magnificent Creatures
No-No, Nobilis – Diagonal 77
Eli Nissan – Restricted Delusions
Stillhead – Neu Kobenhavn (Hernan Cattaneo & Audio Junkies Remix)
Oliver & Tom – Luly

epi- chord, unto_dust. – Pursuit / Tripulse

epi- chord – Endless Nothingness
unto_dust. – Mechanical Terror
mothdreams – Regrow My Wings
St4bility – Flying Free
Qualico – Found You
EXZAUST – Hot Pursuit
From Ashes – Getaway

Dionigi – Autumn Breath / Quantistic Division

Dionigi – Autumn Breath
Dionigi – News In An Autumn Day
Dionigi – Nomofilli
Dionigi – Space Amplifier Beta Sound
Dionigi – Underwood
Dionigi – I Dream A Green Planet
Dionigi – Photosynthesis
Dionigi – The Man With The Cat Eyes

Flor Capistran – Vruja Remixes / Phisica

Flor Capistran – Vruja (Andy Martin Remix)
Flor Capistran – Vruja (SÜSS Rework)
Flor Capistran – Vruja (Bodyslide & GOATS Invocando Al Maligno Mix)

Tulioxi – The Downside Of Being An Asshole Ep / Heimlich Musik

Tulioxi – The Downside of Being an Asshole
Tulioxi – To End up in Dark Mali
Tulioxi – The Story of Three Sequencers
Tulioxi – Tremal Naik Dance
Tulioxi – The Downside of Being an Asshole (Curses Remix)
Tulioxi – To End up in Dark Mali (Local Suicide & Circle Scope Remix)
Tulioxi – The Story of Three Sequencers (Undo Remix)

Nu Port 62, Danny Losito – Groove Culture Amsterdam 2019 (compiled By Micky More & Andy Tee) / Groove Culture

Nu Port 62 – Make It Happen (Micky More & Andy Tee Disco Mix)
Danny Losito – It's Not Over (Micky More & Andy Tee Cosmic Mix)
White Soul Project – Party Hard feat. Danny Losito (Extended Mix)
Serge Funk – Break Down
Davide Domenella – Some Things About Ya
Miguel Migs – So Far feat. Aya (Micky More & Andy Tee Remix)
Micky More, Andy Tee – Moody (Dr Packer Remix)
Blade From Jestofunk – Got That Feeling
Richard Earnshaw – Feel Love (Micky More & Andy Tee Jazzy Mix)
Micky More, Andy Tee – Soul Education (Mark Lower Remix)
Ron Carroll – Follow Me (Micky More & Andy Tee Mix)
Right To Life – Took My Love Away (Micky More & Andy Tee Mix)
Dutchican Soul – She Was Like
White Soul Project – I Do Better (Micky Mor & Andy Tee Mix)
Serge Funk – Move on Up
Danny Losito – Burn the House Down (Micky More & Andy Tee Mix)
Reverendos Of Soul – It's over Now feat. Kareem Shabazz (White Soul Project Remix)
Hiva – Blessed (Micky More & Andy Tee Special Edit)
Funkatomic – Interstellar
Brothers in Arts – Ollopa

Boy Funktastic – Anthe Ep / Far Down Records

Boy Funktastic – Anthe
Boy Funktastic – Dirty Bass
Boy Funktastic – From Mind
Boy Funktastic – Guitars Atmos
Boy Funktastic – The Save

DeeJay Jones – A Spaced Overdose / Boomtic Records

DeeJay Jones – A Spaced Overdose
DeeJay Jones – Dank Side Of Noon
DeeJay Jones – Kinda Steep
DeeJay Jones – Plotfarm

Bloody Cash, Cacique Radio – Euro Trip 2019 / Space Bird Records

Bloody Cash – Relapse
Cacique Radio – Signs (Remake)
Dyno Latyno – Anymore
Cacique Radio – Summer Safari (Re Master)
Cacique Radio – Strider (Re Master)
Dyno Latyno – Plastic House
Dyno Latyno – Afternoon
Candy Machine – Hazard
Cacique Radio – Creature (Remake)
Candy Machine – Seven Senses
Casino Brazuka – Supermassive
J Savage – Times Are Tight
Eaosa – Alone
Candy Machine – No Slave
Metre Da Mata – Together
Aero77 – Estelar
Matt Gray (UK) – How We Got Here

Age Is A Box – One By One (the Extended Remixes) / Needwant

Age Is A Box – Our Religion Is Truth (Sean Brosnan Extended Disco Shake Mix)
Age Is A Box – Rush (Sobek Extended Remix)
Age Is A Box – One by One (Curses Extended Remix)
Age Is A Box – Endeavours (Ian Blevins Extended Remix)
Age Is A Box – Shooting on the Radio (Koelle Extended Remix)

Painterly – Make Nice Ep / Pretty Young Thing

Painterly – Make Rice Now
Painterly – Puppy Late Night
Painterly – Make Rice Now (Information Center Remix)
Painterly – Just Another Yup
Painterly – AHLPD
Painterly – Just Another Yup (Nick Bike Adam Doubleyou Remix)
Painterly – Just Another Yup (Niall Wemyss Remix)

Phunkadelica – Pensiero Stupendo / Multinotes

Phunkadelica – Pensiero Stupendo
Phunkadelica – Pensiero Stupendo (Musumeci Remix)
Phunkadelica – Phunkadelicatamente

Secrets Remain – Yesterday's Silence / Konevova

Secrets Remain – Scars
Secrets Remain – Dive
Secrets Remain – Cut The Tether
Secrets Remain – Pushed
Secrets Remain – HAL
Secrets Remain – Yesterday's Silence
Secrets Remain – Walkabout

Justin Jay, X-Coast – 3 Years Of Fv / Fantastic Voyage

Justin Jay – 824 Curson Ave
X-Coast – Jumpin
Sam von Horn – Radiate
Intr0beatz – On My Mind
Thumpasaurus – Dance Like It's Your Life (Asquith's Soul of House Remix)
Benny Bridges – Mellow Dee
Justin Jay, George Sandler – Know How
jahjaylee – Tryin' This Out
Cody Currie, Thumpasaurus – A Train
Million Dolla Man – Avocado on Toast
Justin Jay, Nik Ranieri – Oh Woh!
Danny Goliger – Free
Henry Was – Wan Chu Back
Romain FX – You Love Me
Justin Jay – 3 Years Of FV (Continuous DJ Mix)

Thomass Jackson, Theus Mago – Osla / Correspondant

Thomass Jackson, Theus Mago – Zango Zango feat. Thomass Jackson
Theus Mago – Yeyo & Ushwaka
Theus Mago – Stadium Flutes
Theus Mago – Osla