Tomas Otero, Horisone – Ballroom Records Ade Sampler 2019 / Ballroom Records

Tomas Otero – Eleven
Horisone – Elixir
Vazik – Can't Stop
Banazonic – Revenge
Dimi Mechero – Stuck In The Rain
Willing & Abel – Terminal 4
Moogish, Arken X – Cube
Fedor Astral – Silky Silence
Gabi Urzay – Beyond
Maxi Cetratelli – Beaches Sound
Steven Shade – Void
Keah – Don't Be Afraid
Sa-Doc – Roulette Russe
PONTE – Kinky
DJ M.A.X – V.O.L.

Rappiera – Hello Old School / 7th Cloud

Rappiera – The Voice of Galaxies
Rappiera – Happy Brithday (Retro Hard Dance Mix)
Rappiera – Hello Old School
Rappiera – Burning Like Fire
Rappiera – Victoria
Rappiera – Dance Panic
Rappiera – Ready! Steady! Go!

Silvio Carrano, Monaus – Total Freedom Amsterdam 2019 / Total Freedom Bundles

Silvio Carrano, Monaus, Rich Fayden – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
Cesare Caccia, Milk Bar – Holding On (Extended Mix)
Rory Hoy – 1990 (Extended Mix)
Nuyorica – Call It, What You Wanna Call It (Alcoholic) (Extended Mix)
Van Snyder – New Sensation (Extended Mix)
Vito Trix – Rose (Milk Bar Remix)
Prelude, Alberto Remondini – Antistress (Extended Mix)
OCD – Wasabi Sauce
Jen Raina – Skip A Beat (Silvio Carrano & Marcel Remix)
Cacciola – My Body (Milk Bar Remix)
Saverio Pitton – Acid Love (Extended Mix)
Draco, Fran Valdivieso – Cartago (Extended Mix)
F3d3 B, Baddcheeta – Magic Pipes (Extended Mix)
Wild Joker – Brighter Days (Extended Mix)
Daniele Cognata – Nanahe

Against The Time, Hopper – Arkaine / Prisma Techno

Against The Time – Arkaine I
Hopper, Carlos Pires – Arkaine II
VIEGAS – Arkaine III

Anton Stelsi – Voice Of Heaven / Astrowave

Anton Stelsi – Voice of Heaven
Anton Stelsi – Voice of Heaven (Michael Ritter Remix)
Anton Stelsi – Voice of Heaven (G-Falex Remix)

Musson – Universe In Pocket Ep / Natura Viva Black

Musson – Universe In Pocket
Musson – Elements
Musson – Elements (Dashka Remix)
Musson – Elements (Dashka Dub Mix)

Creative Machine – Dreams / Groove 9

Creative Machine – Dreams
Creative Machine – Dreams (KAYSEN Remix)
Creative Machine – Dreams (Andro V Remix)
Creative Machine – Evidence
Creative Machine – Evidence (Deep Shepherd Remix)