OutsiDER (RU), Divna – Dark Forest / Wavetech Limited

OutsiDER (RU) – Dark Forest
OutsiDER (RU), Divna – Cotton Candy
OutsiDER (RU) – Dark Forest (Basme Remix)
OutsiDER (RU) – Dark Forest (Garzia boozin Remix)

Naarky – Desire Capitulation / Superordinate Dub Waves

Naarky – Desire Capitulation (R.Hz Rmx)
Naarky – Desire Capitulation (Ashawa Rmx)
Naarky – Desire Capitulation (AmaG Rmx)
Naarky – Desire Capitulation (Eban Krocher Rmx)
Naarky – Desire Capitulation (10PO Rmx)

Watermelon Juice – Fish & Chips / Zeitlos Music

Watermelon Juice – Fish & Chips
Watermelon Juice – Fish & Chips (Los Reynoso Remix)
Watermelon Juice – Sunday Morning
Watermelon Juice – Spaceship
Watermelon Juice – Warm

Lucio Agustin – Bathroom Scene / Sustain

Lucio Agustin – Bathroom Scene
Lucio Agustin – Upgrade (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
Lucio Agustin – Bathroom Scene (Rigzz Remix)
Lucio Agustin – Upgrade

Lypocodium, Marco Beats – Fade Out 23 / Crossfade Records

Lypocodium – La Iostra
Marco Beats – Hands Up
ND Cherian – Bad Feeling (Extended Mix)
Wally Lopes – Do It Right Now (Club Mix)
Gadom, Julian Florent – Just Chillin' (Extended Mix)
Daniele Francesco – Rock To The Rhythm (Club Mix)
Techno Mama – Shock Bass
Brian Rogers – Tech The House
Freaky Heroes – Old Days
Jon Rich – Wiwooa

Bipolar Mind – 5 Years / Irregular Musik

Bipolar Mind – On The Disk
Bipolar Mind – Need Some Bass
Bipolar Mind – Get Down
Bipolar Mind – Always Feel Like
Bipolar Mind – Gruuvin
Bipolar Mind – Limitless

Joseph Mancino – Universal Inspiration Ep / Ole Rec

Joseph Mancino – Universal Inspiration
Joseph Mancino – Universal Inspiration (Tripio X Remix)
Joseph Mancino – Good Vibration

Michele Fantini – Wildcat Hendrix / Kootz Music

Michele Fantini – Wildcat Hendrix
Michele Fantini – Wildcat Hendrix (Mitz Rawls Remix)
Michele Fantini – Wildcat Hendrix (Jorge Cary Remix)
Michele Fantini – Profane