Yell Of Bee, Oxyenen – Final / Pink Panties Records

Yell Of Bee, Oxyenen – Dogufo
Dura, Oziriz – Off On
Techno Red – Ukrainian Techno
Dura, Oziriz – Tricky (Sax Mix)
Dura, Oziriz – Strausse
Dura – Warp16th
Flagman Djs – Love Art
Jon Rich – Extasy
Flagman Djs – Baobab
Yell Of Bee, Oxyenen – Drunk Robots
Dura, Oziriz – Baila (Original Electronic Mix)

Aday Hernández, Adellacosta – Ldn Trax / LDN Trax

Aday Hernández – Blackout (Lophius Rec Remix)
Adellacosta – Enhance
Anson x Chellew – Oromo
Abra – Home (Dani Barrera Remix)
Carlo Vonacci – Delusions
Aldo Gargiulo – Echoes (Diego Barrera Remix)
Daddy Russell – Hermanito
8Floy – Depth
2WB – Aesope
Allmoe – Reluctance
Alex Strong – Appollo
JPT, Delphunk – Breathe
Aka R – Storm Is Raging
Andrea Ghirotti – Anima
Be Brothers – Receiver
21 Souls – Bossy
Claudio Polizzotto – Reset (Aday Hernández Remix)
Diego Walle – Without You (Hotfingers Edit)
Chris Colt – 2 Step
DIMTA – Amateur

Marco Romari, Amazon – Borderline Audio 2019 / Borderline Audio

Marco Romari – I Can't Wait
Amazon – The Ring Of Life
Axel Key – The Lost Dream
Carlo L – Corridor
Edu (GB) – Got U
Matt Sims – On The Ledge
Dusty – Sinergy
Kirk – Resist
Credo – Moving On
Mr. Big – The Rhythm
Dom – The Hights
Luca – Terracina
Ed – Non-Fiction
ID – Monster
June – Holiday
Leon – I Feel
Less Is More – My Airplane
M_N – In & Out
Luka – Hiding In The Falls (Ibiza 2017 Mix)
Marquiz – Frequency
Masters – Our Journey
Max – Warehouse
Mayday – Last Day On Earth
Nina K – Margarena
OBG – Kekana

DJ 5L45H – Dark Room / Note to Note Records

DJ 5L45H – MDE
DJ 5L45H – B34tl3h34d
DJ 5L45H – Beach Dream
DJ 5L45H – PunK
DJ 5L45H – Doomsm4rk (Extended Mix)
DJ 5L45H – The Lon3 Om3g4
DJ 5L45H – Fog Dawn
DJ 5L45H – The Nine Nemo (Extended Mix)

Dizzko Bizkit, Carlo Vonacci – Rebels 2019 / Rebellious

Dizzko Bizkit – Salut
Carlo Vonacci – Point Break
Edu (GB) – St. Pancras
Abra – XCV (Aday Hernández Remix)
Andrea Ghirotti – Anima (Leo Nanazzo Remix)
Benttum – Creation
JPT, Delphunk – Psychotech
2WB – Avalonation
Domshe – Is There Anyone Out There
8Floy – Fallen Bird
Abra – Home (Gruw Frequency Remix)
DIMTA – Fetish
Aday Hernández – Blackout (Roberto Leon Remix)
Adellacosta – Fabricate
Angel Black – Music Is The Answer
Catalin Cristian – Russian Roulette
Daddy Russell – Journey Planner
Diego Walle – Without You (Hotfingers Edit)
Majo, Domshe – Dance (Rubbersoul Remix)
Chris Colt – Dancing Queen

Jordan Clayton, Shokstix – Darkness (feat. Christina Marie) / Bending The Sound

Jordan Clayton, Shokstix, Christina Marie – Darkness (feat. Christina Marie)

Dumi, Masterroxz – Embrace / Rudiment Music Pty Ltd

Dumi, Masterroxz, Sifiso – Far Away
Ora, Masterroxz – Sunshine
Masterroxz, Lucyvibes – Never Good Enough
Melo, Masterroxz – I Wont Give Up
Dumi, Masterroxz, Sifiso – Round We Go
Melo, Dumi, Masterroxz, Sifiso – Love

Blackjean, Lebo – Meant For Me / More Bass Ent.

Blackjean, Lebo – Meant For Me (Demented Soul Imp5 Afro Mix)
Blackjean, Lebo – Meant For Me (Demented Soul Imp5 Instrumental Mix)
Blackjean, Lebo – Meant For Me (Essential i Remix)
Blackjean, Lebo – Meant For Me
Blackjean, Lebo – Meant For Me (PlayMaster Plus27 Remix)
Blackjean, Lebo – Meant For Me (Cornelius SA Remix)
Blackjean, Lebo – Meant For Me (CavoDeep MBE Remix)

Blaze, Arnold Jarvis – Make The Time (remixes) / King Street Sounds

Blaze, Arnold Jarvis, UDAUFL – Make The Time (Mattei & Omich Remix)
Blaze, Arnold Jarvis, UDAUFL – Make The Time (Andrea Curato Afro Latin Flavour Remix)
Blaze, Arnold Jarvis, UDAUFL – Make The Time (George Lesley Remix)

Hypersleep, Rory Gallagher – Orbit O / Soul De Anima

Hypersleep – Reason With The Sky (Orbit Intro Mix)
Rory Gallagher, Gabriel Lynch – Cog In The Machine (Moodwax Remix)
Rory Gallagher, Arzuk – Soul De Anima (Thomas Gandey Last Communication Remix Edit)
Kris Davis – Naive
Rory Gallagher – False Gravity (MUUI Remix)
Oliver Osborne – Hope Engine
Kuroten, Meliha, Westseven – Double Or Nothing
Dan Buri – Essaouira
Third Circle – Hope
Circuitbreaker, Greg Ramanado – Giants
Gabriel Lynch, Westseven – The Promise (Thankyou City Remix)
Oliver Osborne – Soldiers Of The Dawn (Amine K Remix)
Vanita – Into The Dark
Otherkind – Meloncholy
Hypersleep – Reason With The Sky
Westseven – Sembuh
Jake Brice – From Indo With Love
Rory Gallagher – The Thinking Room (Phangan Rewind Mix)
Kuroten – Beauty Is Fleeting
Rory Gallagher, Gabriel Lynch – Cog In The Machine (Florian Kruse Remix)
Road To Mana – Returned Soul
Meliha – Lone Ranger (Hayze Edit)

Fish Go Deep, Dennis Ferrer – Abstract Afro Vibes (nite Grooves 25 Years Essentials) / Nite Grooves

Fish Go Deep – Song for Repaired Piano (Unreleased Cee ElAssaad Dub Mix)
Dennis Ferrer, Bola Belo – Dem People Go (Wolf Story Remix)
DJ Angelo, Cristian Vinci, Da Mike – Cuba Libre
Kerri Chandler – Grass Cutter (Kaoz Afro Drum)
DJ Aakmael – Avant Garde (FNX Omar Remix)
DJ Hiro, Masabumi Kikuchi – Kote Moun Yo (Francois K Edit)
New African Orchestra – Village Dance (Orchestra Dub)
Osunlade – The Fifth Dimension
Rhythm Staircase – Black Man Jump (DJ Spen Re-Edit)
Groove Assassin – Workout (Beats)
Ivan Iacobucci – Pria Negra (Dub Mix)
Romatt Project – The Passion
Chris Brann, Ananda Project – Free Me (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Drumz Mix)
Mateo & Matos – That Afro Rhythm (Essential Elements)
Kiko Navarro, Tuccillo, Amor – Lovery (Slow Cuban Vibe)
Chris Brann, Ananda Project, Heather Johnson – I Hear You Dreaming
Big Al, Christos Fourkis, Sha'Aban Yahya – A Dream In Bali
DJ Spinna – Deep Rooted (Da Dub Mix)
Ambonati – Fuego Y Estrellas
H@k – Orun
Chanelle, Andrea Curato – Everything (Alright) (Afro Dub)
Lips – Organs Of House
Kenny Summit – Detroit Afro Weapon
Dennis Ferrer – Church Lady (Souldynamic Instrumental)
Chris Brann, Ananda Project, Gaelle Adisson – Cascades Of Colour (Joe Claussell Sacred Rhythm Mix)